22 June 2007

Mitered Corners, Take 17

Okay, we have got to be some of the worst bloggers out there as far as actually posting...I sat at my sewing machine for the first time today in over a week. It's hard to post about anything crafty when I'm not doing anything crafty! Actually I have crocheted a hat, but I didn't take a picture of that.

So the mitered saga continues. I think I found a method that works, but it isn't perfect yet.

The edges of the fabric aren't lined up right, but it is a diagonal lined corner! The overall effect is alright too.
I didn't get the joining of the ends right, but one skill at a time, right??

On a bit more fun note, I raided my mom's fabric stash (thanks mom!) and got a lot of really great fabrics that I have all sorts of ideas for. The one I am going to work with first is this one that will become a skirt.

I got an A-line skirt pattern that I am going to use. Then, feeling inspired by the $.99 Butterick pattern sale at JoAnn, I went to a discount fabric store in town and found two awesome fabrics that I had previously drooled over on-line for only $2.98 a yard. One is a Michael Miller Ironworks pattern and the other is a Robert Kaufman Mod pattern. I think they'll both be skirts too. I found that I like to wear a skirt in the summer because I don't like shorts and they are cooler than pants. Anyway, these are the fabrics.

Once I actually get one or more skirt made, I'll post it here - don't hold your breath though! Okay, it's your turn! Have you been completely uncrafty like me this week?


Jo said...

hey, i have a really good excuse...

Jo said...

by the way, i think the mitered corner looks pretty darn good. and it can only get better. don't you love the 99 cent pattern sales at joann? i suggest a skirt for your entire next pregnancy. it's very comfortable.