03 July 2007

18 Hours of Peace

So Thursday is our 10th wedding anniversary! That is hard to believe at times. Also hard to believe is that since Aaron was born over four years ago, we have not had a night without kids! And the nights I spent in the hospital having my gallbladder removed and having Ethan DON'T count! So tonight, my parents are keeping Aaron and Ethan overnight for the first time!! (Thanks, Mom!) Aaron has stayed overnight when his cousin Elise was also staying, but Ethan has never had a night away. They are so excited - and so are we!! And evidence that we have indeed been married for 10 years - we are most excited that we will get to sleep in tomorrow morning! :)

Along with the marriage thing...I thought about putting this story first and titling the post "A Four-Year Old's View of Marriage," but the title seemed too long...Aaron was playing and had a tag of some sort on a string. He put it on his finger and told me, "This is to remind me that I got married!" He meant it was his wedding ring!! So that's why I wear this gold band!! :)

And totally unrelated to what I've said so far, is this not the cutest picture of my kids you've ever seen?? (I knew better than to ask if it is the cutest picture of kids period, being that you're all mothers too...) They were playing in the sprinkler and apparently feeling all sorts of brotherly love!


Jo said...

aahhhhhh! sooo cute. i can say that because i have no boys. once (if) i have boys they'll just be...you know cute, not soooo cute.

have fun being alone. i don't know what that's like either. 6 years since ella was born. but i did go to korea and left the girls with mom. that was nice. that was almost three years ago.

Marie said...

that's so exciting to have a night off! jo - remember i watched ella for ... i think it was one of your anniversaries ... and you and del were so weirded out by having time to yourselves and didn't know what to do that you ended up going shoe shopping for del. i still remember that cause i thought that was so funny that it hadn't been that long but you forgot what to do with yourselves without kids around. johanna - i hope you guys do something more exciting than shoe shopping :)

caleb has those exact same shorts as your oldest son!

Johanna said...

Oh, we plan to have some fun. We know for sure we are going the the Cheesecake Factory for dinner - we have both been having visions of cheesecake for a week in anticipation. I don't keep sweets in the house, so it is a real treat. But you know, we did talk about window shopping at Northpark mall...is that the same as shoe shopping? We are looking for fun, with nothing in mind, but maybe it is just as boring. I'll have to let you know if it is weird coming home to an empty house though.

Jo said...

LOL! i had totally forgotten about that! it was just for about four hours right? ha ha! that's hilarious.

i think window shopping is fun but not at a mall. too many mostly naked people and mannequins in the 14-17 year old range. what is it about malls?

Jo said...

how was your 18 hours of peace?