03 July 2007


Tina sent me a picture of Katherine in the princess dress. I'm so happy! It fits her perfectly!
And because Tina doesn't post to this blog herself I have been duly granted permission to post this picture she sent today of the four kids. And, I'll have you know that she was (surreptitiously) rubbing it in that she doesn't have to stand 8" from the sink to wash dishes and how she can bend over and pick things up off the floor now.

From left to right you have Elena (2 in September), Katherine (6), Aidan (5 in September) and now Jack, 2 weeks old. Lovely family!


Marie said...

that's great that you can make clothes for her without her being near you for test fits. and elena will get to wear it someday too. the kids are getting so big! i haven't seen a picture of elena since she was a newborn. i can't believe it's been so long since you guys had elena and rachel.

Johanna said...

I bet it is very rewarding to see a picture of your hard work! I bet she loves twirling around in that dress - I used to love dresses like that! It looks like Tina has her hands full, but her kids are adorable.

Jo said...

yeah, she said katherine begs to be allowed to sleep in the dresses.

Meagan said...

What a nice balance of boys and girls. She has her hands full though, that is for sure!

I love the dress, thought I had posted that before... hmmm, my brain needs something... It is having issues the last couple months.