21 July 2007

Doing wash

Well, I got to go shopping! I made it to Joann fabric last night, and though I have an entire cabinet full of material, I had to go buy more. What is it about material that I just got to go buy more????

I don't know, but I know Joann fabrics like it. I figure if I can only go once every other week, and only spend about $15 a visit, that isn't too bad. The problem is when I have to make the trips more often cause I bought the wrong shade of thread, or forgot to buy the thread at all. If only the store was a little closer. Oh wait, then I would be in a lot more trouble.

Anyways, I got some new terrycloth, and a really pretty purple fabric to "coordinate" with it. Unfortunately its all in the wash, cause I want to sew this afternoon. I can show the matterial though. I found it on the clearance rack of remnants. So enough talk, here it is:

Now the big question is, what to do with it. Hmmm, a dress maybe??? Or maybe I will make another bag. That was pretty fun last time. Who knows. Better go so I can think about it some more.


Jo said...

wow, i don't know what i'd do with that. a bag is always a good choice in my book or reviving pillows. i think it'd look cute as a beach wrap. don't you think you could easily find a free pattern for a beach wrap online.

$30 a month on fabric and supplies, eh? doesn't sound like enough to me! i better shut up before mike bans me from being your friend. i'm already in enough trouble with jerry.

Meagan said...

I like the beach wrap Idea but it isn't colors that I thin I would wear very much. a bag though never really has to match.