20 July 2007

Lovely Pillows

After a morning of crying and phone surfing for a new obstetrician that will give me a VBAC (which I had no idea was such a HUGE deal), I finally finished the new throw pillows. Aren't they lovely? Poor Del, what a birthday. There's me crying on the phone, I'm still in my pajamas when he gets home from work, I finish the pillows and to boot, there's no dinner. We are doing fun stuff on Monday but still...poor Del. But aren't the pillows lovely????!!!!

Anyway, that's three posts in a row for me. It's somebody else's turn, eh?


Meagan said...

I like the pillows they turned out really good. I hope they aren't for that chair though, cause I just not so sure about that color match there. I have seen you do much better. :0)

Pssstttt.... Tell Del Happy Birthday!!!! Don't worry Del, You will never catch up to my old man. Hehe.

Meagan said...

Have you found out anything more about the doc? I am keeping you in my prayers, and wish I could help out more. Sorry, maybe I should have married an OB. Nah, I like Mike lots better.... I think it would be wierd to know that my husband looks at other womens vagina's all day.