19 July 2007

Avoiding and Reviving

I think I'm inventing projects to do so I can avoid lesson plans. Every time I think about them I break into a cold sweat and start looking at my fabric stash. What I really need is this super comfy chair I saw at Office Depot one day. My options are sit at the computer desk on the stool and suffer through the anguish of the uncomfortable stool but be able to think, or sit on the couch, which provides loads of comfort but have no computer and write everything out by hand in which case I can't think. What happened to the days where a gal could think about writing something without being in front of the computer. That's why I don't journal anymore. So, anyway, my point is that I am avoiding and that's bad because today I'm 37 weeks so that means I have less than three weeks to finish the lesson plans. BUT, all this avoiding had made for some cool projects. I made these other two balls. I don't really care for the blue one but I really like the brown one. AND THEN!!!!! Last night I ran away to Joann's. I was there for about an hour I guess and part of the time I spent looking for a piece of Del's birthday gift (he's 35 tomorrow) and the rest of the time I just walked around seeing what I could see. First I came across the fabric remnants in the upholstery section. I was at Joann's several days ago and had looked there because I'm tired of my current pillows which I had redone last year at this time. This time there was a sign that said "75% off the current price per yard of fabric remnants." Oh how that's music to my ears!!! I picked out three fabrics that really make me happy! What makes me even happier though is that the red fabric I have liked for at least two years and there was a remnant waiting just for me. The stuff is normally $19.99 a yard, BUT it's currently on sale at 40% off plus 75% off that made my pricey, fabulous fabric cost me $3.58 for almost a yard and a quarter. The yellow chenille was normally $19.99 also, I got a half yard of that for the same deal. The plaid was normally $6.99 a yard and I was able to get .88 yards for the same deal, also. Altogether I spent about $7 on nearly 2.5 yards of upholstery fabric!!!! My bill was $11.09 and that included at $3.99 ball of yard I'm using to make Ella a small purse for her birthday. Aren't you guys proud of me??? OK, so then I meandered over to the yarn section. The first thing I saw was this stuff from Bernat (the color was much better in person) that was 80% bamboo and 20% acrylic. I'm not sure I've ever felt anything so soft. It's a handwash item. I oohed and aahed over it for several minutes before I moved on examining what other kinds of yarns there are. The wool is so scratchy. Maybe you just can't buy yarn from mass crafts places like Joann's and Michael's. Everything was a wool blend and scratchy or acrylic or nylon. I know I've seen some of Marie's yarn and it's wool and so soft. They even had cashmere there and I almost laughed out loud because cashmere is soft and this stuff was scratchier than the wool. Anyway, I finally ended up back at the bamboo stuff. I'm truly baffled by the bamboo yarn. They can make yarn out of bamboo??? It was so soft and the green was lovely! So, I tossed three balls in my basket and thought, "Maybe I'll make a Christmas gift." But, I just can't get over the handwash idea. I even thought maybe I could make a pair of baby booties with just one ball but who wants to hand wash baby booties? Not me. Anyway, I ended up taking the bamboo yarn out of my basket. I do get the KnitPicks catalog in the mail sometimes. I'm going to check out the website today and see what they have to offer. I'd like to find a specialty yarn shop and just go look so I can familiarize myself with who makes what and make smart decisions about what it is I'm buying. That may have to wait until later though. Also, why do they specify in the pattern which weight your yarn is to be and then NONE of the balls of yarn say which weight they are. I mean, what's blanket weight? I've never even heard of that. Anyway, I'm going to go revive my throw pillows. Aren't they ugly?


Marie said...

the bamboo yarn is relatively new. they also do soy and seaweed. i haven't tried any of it yet, but hopefully i will soon. i've never heard of a blanket weight yarn. you can tell what weight the yarn is by the size needle the label recommends. a more accurate way is to check the gauge, but this is more time consuming. i will post about the needle size method soon, so you can learn how to tell the weight. the majority of yarn you see in chain stores is usually worsted/aran weight. but if it says Baby-something then it is DK (double knitting).

did you get the basket?

Meagan said...

I am sooooo jealous of your fabric!!!! I so would have bought it if I had been there. lol.

My favorite, by the pictures, was the middle one but I thought the plaid was really pretty to.

Hmm. Yarn. It is all greek to me. Sorry Marie. Though the tatting stuff uses crochet yarn.... I should start learning more. Oh well, tommorow.

Sent you a package today Jo. You'll have to post it when you get it cause I didn't take pictures. I thought I had taken too long to actually get it mailed in the first place to wait another day for the mail to get out.

You know, I think that stool is pretty hard myself. Ever thought about making it a cusshion. Hey, that is a great idea, another project to help you avoid actually doing lesson plans????

Jo said...

hmm, fascinating. i'm looking forward to your post. yes i did get the basket. thank you.

Jo said...

i'm glad you like the fabric meagan. i can't wait to finishe the pillows and post the pictures. they are really neat!

Jo said...

oh yeah the stools are cushioned already. marie and i did that a couple of years ago when i was pregnant with rachel. but i'm heavy and it hurts my butt bones. isn't that weird? when i sleep my hip bones hurt because of all the weight on them, i have to flip every hour at least to ease the pressure on my bones. it's so strange.

Meagan said...

Oh the joys of pregnancy.... hmmmm... Do I really miss it that much?