17 July 2007

It's the Small Things

I know it's not much but, I spent the last couple of days making these balls. The two are for Amy (obviously) and the other I made for Ella because she liked the material a lot. I really like making balls. I needed a material that was white with green accents on it but didn't have anything like it so I put french knots all over some white material I had on hand. It's sort of inspired me to do more fun things with the fabric to personalize the balls more. Anyway, I think I'll go invent a reason to make another ball. I'm exhausted and want to sleep but the girls aren't ready for a nap, yet.

I'm anxious for Marie to come back from Hawaii so she can counsel me on what kind of yarn I'm supposed to be using. I also think that if I'm going to have to start using nice yarns made of fancy things like wool and alpaca that I'm going to have to learn to knit because crochet just seems sort of...lower class. Is that weird?


Johanna said...

I love these balls. Some day you'll have to teach me how to make them.

I am looking forward to hearing Marie's input on the yarn too, because I have the same problem. I liked the blanket you made for Ethan anyway, but it did pill too. And I totally understand about knitting seeming better for nice yarn. If I ever get a chance maybe I can learn more than just knit and purl.

Still haven't made my bag...fabric is washed and ironed though. This "taking responsibility for my household duties" thing is REALLY getting in the way of my leisure activity time! :)

Marie said...

i read your other post about the cotton yarn. Yes!!! cotton is heavy and inelastic. i don't know any serious knitter who's favorite yarn is cotton. i mean, it's not nearly as bad as acrylic. after all, *I* knit with cotton. but it is best if blended with something else or reserved for smaller projects. anyway, there are some good machine washable wools, like the one i used for the sheep sweater. caleb dirtied it enough that i finally got desperate enough to through it in the washer and i swear it got even softer and nicer than it was before. the down side is that good yarn is expensive. that stuff (Dale of Norway - Baby Ull) is about $6 a ball and you would need atleast 10 balls for a baby blanket. maybe you could check out Knitpicks.com. click on "machine washable" in the left column. they have a 100% washable wool for $3-something a ball. still pricey, but you get what you pay for. besides, if you put all that time into it, you want it to last. wouldn't it be great if your handmade blankies could be passed down a generation? also, knitting would be smart since crochet takes up about 3 times the yardage. no lie!

Jo said...

oh my gosh! 3 times???? holey cow!