14 July 2007

hmm, Going green???

So I was turned on to a craft site called Craftster.org and often just rummage through it. That is where Jo and I both got the idea for the dresses made out of old shirts and so forth. Well, They often have contests, and this months contest was to make a bag. Well, more specifically a "green" bag, you know a bag to replace some of the million plastic bags that the grocery stores and other stores give out. I got inspired by it, not so much to win the contest, but by one of the examples that they suggested. The Singlet Style Shopping Bag caught my eye, so I made one. Here it is:

And when not in use it folds down into that pocket that is on the front of the bag.

All in all I think it turned out pretty good. It is definately bulkier than those little plastic bags, however, as seen in the picture three two liters easily fit. That isn't just for show, it really does carry them.... Now if only I could carry them. Just kidding.


Meagan said...

So I don't really like the way the bottom turned out. Too bulky for fabric to sew it like that. I think in the future any ones that I make I will put a paper sack type bottom in.

Jo said...

hey that's pretty cool! maybe i'll try it out since i'm already bored and i just finished that blanket yesterday. but you know what, it's the sewing machine. i haven't been on the machine in a whole week! oh my gosh!

Johanna said...

Great bag, Meagan! I like the design and the fabric. Does it make you want to go totally green?

A whole week, Joanna?? I didn't figure you to ever go a whole week without sewing on your machine. Are you putting it in your hospital bag when the time comes? :)