14 July 2007

Baby Blanket

I finished my last crafty project on my list: the crocheted baby blanket. I think it's cute except for the edging which is bulky and awkward looking I think because I had to finish off and start another color so many times. There must be a better way. And then I had the bright idea to wash it with Dreft and dry it since it's been sitting around the house for months and is, at this point, officially dirty. Well, the entire thing pilled up. It looks TERRIBLE!!!!! Is this what happens with cotton yarn? This blanket makes me consider two things: 1) it's heavy. Cotton is heavy. I used maybe 8 balls of yarn (maybe 9) at 3 ounces each ball. I know that's only about a pound and a half but the finished blanket feels much heavier than that and maybe that's too heavy for a baby. Is wool yarn any lighter? Would a blanket made of 8 balls of wool yarn weigh as much? Hmmm... and 2) what's with the pilling? Now, with wool, you can't even wash it in the washing machine or dry it or you'll felt the blanket and who wants to hand wash and lay flat to dry a baby blanket that has the possibility to need to be washed several days in a row if not several times a day? But what doesn't pill? I WILL NOT use acrylic yarn. It's scratchy, cheap and ugly. If I rule out cotton because it pills when washed and wool because it's too high maintenance, then what...I don't crochet? In the end I can't give this blanket away as a baby gift. Like I said before it looks terrible. Gratefully the one I gave to Tina for Elena two years ago was given to Tina, a real live, down-to-Earth type of girl who is grateful for what she gets and doesn't think to herself after she's washed it and it looks horrible, "Wow, this blanket is really ugly. Why would she give me such an ugly blanket?" The blanket is Elena's official "blankie" so I'm pretty happy about that.
On another note, I'm getter bigger. I went to get my blood drawn for a CBC count and the lady there said, "Girl, you look like you got a rocket sticking out". I'm 36 weeks now. I can feel my body getting ready. It's doing weird things and I can't sleep. I'm awake at night hours at a time thinking and planning and rubbing my tummy. It's fun to have been pregnant so many times that when the things start changing you actually notice and don't freak out.


Meagan said...

See, my point about crocheting rings true. I can't figure out the best way to wash the stuff either. Hence the reason baby blankets are to be sewn in my book.

Can't wait to see your picture. You think you might come early? At least your mom and dad may make it to thins one cause for once they aren't too far away!!!

Johanna said...

The blanket turned out beautifully though. That is frustrating about the yarn...I don't have a solution.

I too cannot wait to see your picture. I am so excited that she will be coming soon - although, I suspect not half as excited as you are! Still planning on Lily Irene for the name?

I am finishing the last of my embroidery orders today, and I washed and dried my tote fabric - so hopefully I'll get it up soon. Meanwhile, I am still getting crazy amounts done around the house. I am so proud of myself, I am nearly bursting! It feels good to keep a nice house.

Meagan said...

You know what??? I just realized that I actually never made Savannah a baby quilt. Oh well, maybe that is a sign that I am supposed to do Toddler quilts for my kids.

Johanna said...

Yeah, you are way out there, but you still look really sweet! I love the way a pregnant woman looks, and you, Jo, wear pregnancy very well.

Jo said...

well, thank you. i feel huge, awkward and achy, but thank you.

i talked to tina briefly and she said that here two years later that blanket i made for elena STILL pills when she washes it. johanna, didn't i make a blanket for ethan out of the same stuff (yes, i did). does it do that?

yes, lily irene is her name. she might come days early but i don't think weeks early.