11 July 2007

No Slackers Here!

Okay, okay...so I haven't posted here, and I haven't been crafting at all, but I haven't been slacking either. I've been cleaning and organizing. That's right, you all read it here, straight from the horse's mouth - I, Johanna, have been cleaning and organizing. (Did I just call myself a horse??) Since a strong desire to clean and organize doesn't come very often for me, if ever, I decided to run with it. See some of my progress...I know, I know. To the untrained eye this just looks like a bedroom, a pantry, and a playroom, but notice how there is nothing on the floor, nothing out of place...this is not normal for me! In the playroom, I threw away an entire trash bag of toys, filled three more to give a way, and filled a giant tote box of toys to go in the attic for the next kid. The sad thing is that the boys didn't notice there were any toys missing! I also threw out/got rid of three bags of things from my pantry. Since I haven't really been eating much sugar and snacky stuff, much of it had sat there for almost a year unused. Then I read a book last Friday that convinced me to give up all sugar and high fructose corn syrup for at least a trial to see if I noticed any physical changes because of this. (I had been considering doing this for a couple months already - the book just made me jump off the cliff.) So I read lables. I couldn't believe how many things have sugar - beef broth, bran flakes...It was shocking.

Anyway, this doesn't even show the baseboards vacuumed, piles sorted through, things dusted, things scrubbed...but I didn't figure you wanted pictures of everything!

On another note, here's a pic of my wonderful hubby and me on our 10th anniversary! Man, we look different than we did 10 years ago. I guess that happens.
I'll get to the tote - don't worry. Jo, I think you made that slacker comment knowing that we would post something to prove you wrong!! Well, it worked.


Jo said...

tee hee!

WOW! i thought i did pretty darn good just vacuuming the floor 15 minutes ago! isn't it liberating to get rid of toys? i can't understand why we think kids need so many toys. they do fine with just a few, lots of books and something to draw on. maybe it's all these loner babies out there. siblings are a good thing to have also. well, good job johanna! that's not slacking for sure!

not that meagan and marie are slacking. learning a new skill is fabulous and marie is relaxing in hawaii for two weeks so we won't be hearing from her.

Meagan said...

I heard that.... though technically is it really hearing it????

And by the way, I finished my project today. Maybe I will go ahead and send it tomorrow... Then again, maybe I will just have to wait an extra day or two.

Jo said...

by the way, you guys look FABULOUS!