11 July 2007

hmmm, slacking huh???

Well I have been up to learning a new trade.

It is called Tatting for those who don't know. I found that it is something that is easy to take and do other places, that it is pretty low cost wise and somewhat of a mental challenge. I also found that it takes FOREVER to really do much, because when you pull the strings closed it turns into a VERY Small thing. I guess that should have been expected. I also think I may modify the way that it is done so that it doesn't cause as much pain to the hand.

I also have been busy making my bag. However, I can't post much of it at this time.... How else will I get to surprise you Jo?!?!?!? My guess will be that I can get it finished by the beginning of next week, Earlier if I didn't have to work all week, but alas it is life.

Oh and guess what! My Ella just started walking this week. Everyday she gets better at it. Isn't it cool to watch them grow?!?!?

Okay bye for now... The kids just raided the pots and pans drawer, trying to get my attention!


Meagan said...

The round one is the most acurate at this time... though I had made a lot more progress and done several good examples only to have gone and thrown it away. oh well.

Jo said...

to tat is to make lace. i learned that from hundreds or thousands of crossword puzzles.

Meagan said...

I think if one were to really get into it, there is a difference, but at this point I don't know what it is. I think lace is a lot finer than tatting.... like tating is for making doilies, etc.

So I think your crossword puzzles are wrong : )

Jo said...

in the dictionary tat is: v. to make lacework by knotting or looping. i definitely think i envision doilies more than lace for dresses, etc when i think of tatting but...lacework it is. i've been somewhat interested for a while in figuring out how to tat but holy cow! how many things can i learn to do and spend time on all of them? don't you wish you lived in a close-knit family and you and your grandmother and aunts and mother and cousins all sat around doing cool things like tatting and telling stories? i wish i had a house with a front porch that wrapped around it so you guys could come over and sit on my front porch and drink iced tea or lemonade and make something crafty. and it wouldn't take you 3 to 24 hours to get there.

Jo said...

and that's so cool that ella started walking. i bet she's a happy camper now!