05 August 2007

Coming Together

Hi Girls!! It's been a long time! I've been reading your posts though and am always impressed at the how often there is something new to read about. I still have no crafty things to show. But I do feel that things are calming down now. We moved last weekend and still haven't completely unpacked, but we're almost there. I am having a hard time finding a space for all our things since we downsized to an apartment less than half the size of our townhouse. But we absolutely love our little home. It's nice to have everything within a few steps. And there are so many things to do in this area. Yesterday, we took the bus to Georgetown (only took 10 minutes!) and had breakfast, window shopped and found a kayak rental place that we are going to rent a double kayak from next weekend. We also went to Stitches DC a yarn shop in Georgetown. It was really tiny but I ordered this cardigan pattern from them.

They are trying to make it sexy here by pulling it off the shoulders, but I've seen pictures of it where it is pulled up more and it's a great cardi to pull on in a hurry. I will have to pick it up next weekend. I have been thinking about my yarn differently lately. I have collected so much and doubt I will ever really use a lot of it. I have bought so much yarn only because it was cheap and I had the thought that I "could" use it. I think I have a better plan. I am going to sell some of my yarn on ebay and only buy yarn when I have a specific purpose in mind. Like this cardigan. I will buy the yarn in the exact color that I want (not the color that happens to be on sale) at full price if I have to.

Today we went on a long bike ride. At first I was going so fast cause it felt so good to workout (I haven't in about 3 months), but after a while I started to feel nauseous and didn't think I was going to make it home. Made me think that I need to take better care of my body, I should have been able to handle that. Then we went to DC to the Jamaican Independence Celebration. That was fun, but we were hoping to see Shaggy perform but had to leave before he got onto the stage. They weren't very organized so we had no idea what time he was going to perform. Also, I was planning on being very aggresive about getting the four parts of the CPA exam done. But have sinced changed the plan. Now I will be taking only one part this year and will finish up next year. Also, I won't be taking that one part until October. So I hope to find some time to be crafty. Although, it might be hard with all the stuff to do around here.

Joanna! I will see you on two weeks!!! I'm so excited!

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Johanna said...

That is an awesome sweater. I can only dream of making something so nice. Maybe I'll learn yet.

That is great that you are changing your philosophy on buying yarn. I decided to do the same thing with fabric not too long ago. It has sure saved on a lot of clutter, and saved money on buying things I didn't really need.

Looks like I get to meet you soon, since we both fly into Tampa to see Jo on the same day! It will be great to have a frame of reference when I read your posts after that!