31 August 2007

Little Craftiness and A little of Life

Well I got back from vacation and it was great. I will save you all the details, but it was good. Now I am not so sure if I wanted to be back... Can't I get a full time cook??? That was nice.

So the little bit of crafting to report is that I got my Padfolio pattern. Some of you may just end up with one for Christmas so sorry I ruined the surprise. It all depends on how horrible the pattern is to make, and if it is worth doing several billion times... hehe.

My first guinea pig material is going to be a stripe one... But first I really must finish the diaper bag that I have been working on for ages. I am not even sure I am really going to use it as a diaper bag but that was it's first use so we shall see.

1 comment:

Marie said...

Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you had a nice vacation. I'll be interested to see how the padfolio turns out since that is the one pattern that I was thinking about buying. But my sewing skills are no where close to being where they need to be to make that.