28 August 2007


It occured to me that I have a good many things to post about. I'm a wee bit behind. First, Marie came back over last weekend and she helped me get a grip on the whole knitting thing. I still hold the yarn funny but at least I got a bit better. I made this...thing.... It's a...um...wrist band? Ankle bracelet? Doll dress? OK, it's just a thing. But, look at my stockinette, my ribbing and my lace work!!! Isn't it FABULOUS!?!?!? And, look at my seam! Can you even tell where my seam is??? WOOHOO!

Next on the list of things to write about are all the cool things that Johanna made for Lily from her business. She has gotten really good at making these blankets and burp cloths. When she first gave me blankets for Ella and Sarah years ago they were good, but basic and now look at them; elegant and creative, pretty and artistic. No more cute.Marie also bestowed some fantastic gifts on Lily and me when she came. This super-duper-ultra cool dress for Lily that I am going to put her in when we get family pictures taken when she's about two months old. And for me this cake pan. I've never seen anything for baking that was so cool! We made some cakes this past weekend for practice and this coming weekend I will make more for Rachel's 2nd birthday.

Thank you both for coming and for blessing me with your time and your wonderful talent. I am indebted to you for life.
I finished my balls I had started. They turned out just so-so; nothing to write home about. What I have spent a lot of time doing is trying to knit a scarf for Ella's Rabbit that Marie knitted for her 4th birthday. I have tried 5 different yarns and started and frogged the scarf at least 15 times. I can't figure out why a 1" by 6" scarf is so hard to knit. I've dreamt up a new game plan though and after all the laundry is folded tonight I am going to try out my idea. We'll see if it works. I'm starting to feel dull. I need to do something on my sewing machine. Maybe now is a good time to finish Rachel's little artist case. Actually, her birthday is just around the corner. Maybe I need to be doing that instead of knitting tonight. I'd like to invent something myself. I feel dull. One more time for emphasis: I feel dull.

I leave you with a pictures of God's greatness.


Johanna said...

Wow! Your knitting is really fabulous! In one weekend with Marie, you managed to get better at knitting than I have gotten in almost 8 months of knitting. Marie, will you come to my house for the weekend???

And thanks for the compliments on my embroidery! It made me feel all warm and gushy inside! :) I made two more security blankets today with chenille and satin. I'll post them when I get a chance...I used the method for the corners that you helped me figure out (read: that you figured out and then showed me...).

Lily's feet are so cute. I already am really, REALLY ready to have another one, and you just aren't helping! :) And speaking of another one, you know you just had one - perhaps part of the reason you feel dull? Don't be so hard on yourself! You are awesome - incredible really. When I had a not quite three week old baby, I didn't get ANYTHING done. You are leaps and bounds beyond me!! And you are loved!

Marie said...

you make me laugh! after talking about all the stuff you've been doing ... and you feel dull! about the scarf: i think maybe it might work well if you use some thinner yarn with those needles that you have. since the scarf has to be so small it will help it to not be too stiff. also try doing a rib pattern 2x2 so that it doesn't curl. and make sure to start with 2 knit stitches and end with 2 knit stitches, this will make it look more even.

Meagan said...

Well, I feel like I should chime in now that I am back from my vacation and have reliable internet again. :)

Well I am impressed too that you are doing so much already.

I mean more kids, a much younger kid, and still you manage to get more done than me. How do you do it????

Meagan said...

That is a beautiful pan. It looks like it is one that you might have to make sure you get all the bubbles out of the top side though in order to get a really good looking cake.

Wow, Rachel's turning two... Man, Savannah is coming soon too....

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a neat cake pan! I love the picture of Lily's feet. Congradulations on your safe delivery and heaven sent treasure. Marie's Mom