26 August 2007

Marie's Yarn

So I finished my first project made with a ball of the wonderful yarn Marie brought to Tampa. I made this hat when I was at Joanna's and remembered to take it to my friend's house to try it on her baby to get a picture. Isn't he cute?? I had originally planned to sell the hat, but I like it so well, I think I'll keep it. If I have a girl next I'll weave a ribbon through the open squares, and for a boy I'll leave it as is. The only problem is that now that I have crocheted with alpaca, the other stuff doesn't feel anywhere near as good...oh, no! You've made me into a yarn snob too!!! Gee, thanks a lot, Marie. :)

I also finished the two balls I was making last night. I am a little bit disappointed with the one I made for Aaron since I some how messed up the fabric order so that there are two pentagons with the same fabric next to eachother. But he likes it just the same.

I find it to be an amazing study in how different my two children are when I look at the balls I made them. Ethan is just so simple in his approach to life. He is my "go-with-the-flow" child. When I asked him what color he wanted he quite simply answered, "Red." Easy. Aaron on the other hand couldn't tell me what color he wanted until he viewed the fabrics in person. He is a little interior designer in the making. He notices color, line, texture...all on his own. When I was in the store the other day looking for three coordinating fabrics, I started asking him if they looked good together. I am much more pleased with what he chose than any of the choices I came up with. He is constantly commenting on what I wear, how I fix my hair, or whether or not I have my make-up right. Are four year olds even supposed to notice these things?? Anyway, he saw that striped fabric in the center of his ball right away and just *had to have* the rainbow fabric. So here I am, looking at what seems to me to be the ugliest fabric in the whole store and thinking, "Now I have to find 5 more fabrics to go with this." In the end, he was right. The fabric I never would have picked up myself made the cutest ball. I am going to attempt another one, and this time get the fabric order right...

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Jo said...

oh my gosh! they look fantastic!!! great job! i like the red one best but i'm not into bright colors but when ella saw the picture she said "i like the one with the rainbow best". cute!