25 August 2007

And They're Bunked!!

So just because I didn't finish my crafty project is no reason not to post in my book! :) I have lots of pictures to share. We spent a good portion of our day moving our boys into a room together. Their beds are finally bunked and they couldn't be happier.
We moved them both into Aaron's room since his was bigger than Ethan's, and Ethan's will now become my new sewing room! Of course I won't move my sewing stuff out of the other room until I need it for a nursery, so it will be a while. Anyway, I think the room looks better because Aaron had a full sized bed before so now there is more room on the floor to play.

Last night, Ethan did what Ethan does best - act totally silly! Who did this kid get this kind of behavior from???
Doesn't that just make you laugh out loud?

Finally, I got a really sweet picture of Joanna and Lily. Of all the pictures I took while I was in Tampa, this one is my favorite.

I'm so glad I got to spend time with you, Joanna!! I had a blast. I was telling a friend that you taught me to make those balls while I was there and she wondered how on earth we had time to do that with a new baby and three other kiddos around!! :) If she only understand just how much crafting, and just how many trips to Mecca, uh, I mean JoAnn's we took, she would probably faint dead away!


Jo said...

wow! that is soooooo cool!!! let me know how the first night goes. i'll be interested to see if it is any more chaotic with boys.

i had a great time, too. it was really super nice to be around my friends again. i sure do miss you guys.

Marie said...

hey! aren't you so glad to have spent time with me??!! just kidding! i know it was the highlight of your trip. the picture of ethan is so cute! it makes me so excited about getting to see my little cutie. i pick him up next friday. also, the bunk beds are really nice.

Johanna said...

Sorry, Marie! I actually thought it was a great highlight to meet you because I think the chances of that happening are so small normally. It was an excellent bonus to my trip!!

Well, I did have to go in and discipline Ethan twice because he kept getting out of bed and Aaron, who is the biggest rules stickler in the world was all worked up because Ethan wasn't "obeying the rules"! But they were both asleep within an hour of when I put them down, which I consider a success.

I finished both their balls tonight so I will post those tomorrow. Wow - we are actually posting again!