25 August 2007

Reaffirming My Abilities

Here it is. The picutre you've all been waiting for: Joanna learning how to knit. I find it very difficult to master. True, I've only been at it for one week, but still, I would have expected to at least have made a scarf by now. I'm still trying to figure out how to hold the yarn, for Pete's sake. I was all excited about that whole Continental knitter vs. English knitter thing but I think the term for me is Inept knitter. You can tell I am in dire need of crafty "genius" (ha ha ha ha ha) reaffirmation because I have now started not one but two balls and am still contemplating a third and fourth.

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Johanna said...

That picture CRACKS ME UP!! I love it, and what's so funny about it is that it was totally not staged! The knitting will come. I left the Christmas get together where my grandmother spent 4 seperate times teaching me to knit completely discouraged and ripping out everything I started. It wasn't until I did more practice and found a book that I could really understand that I got it.

I like those balls too. I am almost done with Aaron's but I didn't do the order of fabrics right because there are two pentagons of the same fabric meeting up no matter what I do. I thought I sewed them on in the opposite order, but alas, I guess I was wrong...Have you ever tried doing those on the machine except for the last closure? I wonder how that would work and if it would be much faster.

I was going to finish the ball this afternoon so I could post too, but I made all 300 flashcards for the OPG reading book instead. Once I got started I just had a strong desire to finish. At least I don't have to make any more for 2 more years! :)