22 September 2007


Okay... trying to upload a pic of my attempt at knitting... my computer has been messed up and although Aaron fixed it, I can't seem to get the picture up... very irritating
I had my friend take a look and I was twisting the yarn around the wrong way while I was purling... hmmm purling, is that a word? it doesn't sound right. Purling. Purling. hmmm.
But, now that I have gotten that okay it is MUCH easier. She let me borrow a different book and this one is great. It has some wonderful pictures.
Also - Jo, I think, gave me a link to a website that was helpful for knitting... could I have that again??? Please?
I am determined to make one freakin great scarf!
hee hee


Marie said...

Isn't it funny how computers are so greeat when they work, but when they don't it's almost as if life stops? I feel like that anyway. Just the other day my work computer was so messed up the IT guy had to wipe out my harddrive and reinstall Windows! *scream!!!!* Anyway, I'm glad that your friend gave you another book, because although it seems like all the knitting instruction books are the same, they really aren't. I started off with Vogue Knitting, but eventually dumped it because they don't came some techniques (such as the kitchener stitch) the same as everyone else, and so it really caused me some stress. But even better than a book, is a friend who can point out things you aren't doing correctly, let you know what you are doing well and encourage you when things get rough.

Marie said...

i meant to say that Vogue Knitting doesn't "name" some techniques the same.

Kainoa said...

Wow..you sound kind of frustrated! Ihope things work out for you Tina. I'm glad you tried another book, sometimes that is all you need! I am looking forward to seeing what you make!