30 September 2007

Gloves and a Sweater

Here are the gloves I can't believe I finished. i love them! And I have quite a bit of cashmere left over so I am thinking about combining it with the slightly darker cashmere I bought from Habu Textiles and making a hat with it. I will need a really warm hat and scarf set since I will be walking quite a bit outdoors in the winter this year. No more going from building to car to building to car, etc. I only have to walk about 9 blocks in total, but I think that will seem like too much when it gets really cold.

Anyway, here is the sweater I've been working on for Caleb. As you can see here it is too small. I think I've done what Kai was talking about the other day. You know, rushing into a project cause you can't wait to be done? What's that all about anyway? It makes no sense. I've spent all this time on the sweater and I will likely have to spend more time taking the bottom out and lengthening it. I am using a book called Book of Sweater Patterns to make this sweater. So I'm kinda using a pattern, but not really since it isn't written out in the traditional way, but rather a kind of dissected way so you can tailor the sweater to perfection. That is assuming that you take the time to measure. I followed the general pattern for a 26" sweater (26 inches around the chest). It said that this is good for kids with a 21" chest, which is caleb exactly. I guess their idea of a 21" chested child is somewhere around 18 months old cause even though this sweater is too short, I already made it 2 inches longer than it was supposed to be. Is Caleb really that skinny? Well, i am determined to finish this, even if he can't wear it. But what do you think of the stripes? I'm very pleased with the way they came out. I originally made swatches for intricate cable patterms but Shane told me "less is more" when it come to guys (little boys), so I decided to go with plain stockinette and stripes. I think Shane was right.


Jo said...

oh my gosh it's so cute! i think it looks really cute that way, like a sweater vest. but i can see why it would be better longer for sure. he'd be able to wear it longer. he looks so big! he's losing his baby fat. his face is starting to thin out. aawwwww. he's so cute!

congratulations on finishing the gloves. they look sooo pretty!

Tina said...

Those are beautiful gloves! Katherine is begging me to make her some -as if I could!
I can't get over how big Caleb is. It always amazes me that kids continue to grow when I am not there to watch!

Johanna said...

The smile on Caleb's face in that picture is priceless! He looks really cute - and the sweater looks cute too. I admire your ability. I am knitting again - determined to increase my skill so I can actually be useful with it. You know, make more than a scarf in garter stitch...we'll see.

Kainoa said...

Oh my gosh whose child is that? Caleb is getting SO big and looks like a little boy now, not a toddler! Gosh they grow so fast! I love the sweater and the smile on is face! I'm glad he wars things you make for him, when I was a kid my mom would make things and I wanted nothing to do with it! He is such a cutie pie!