23 September 2007

So, I haven't done much

So I know that I haven't done too much posting here lately, but well, frankly life went crazy around here for our family. Savannah will be getting at least two eye surgeries in the next couple of weeks, and between that and the check ups before and after the surgery days, we are spending mega amounts of time driving to and from doctors appointments. So, needless to say, my sewing machine has sat rather idle. The gifts that I was going to make for Christmas, well, that might just be NEXT Christmas that I actually get them done for, depending on how long this medical stuff gets drawn out for.

I really miss my sewing machine :(

I may just have to start making some more balls..... That is all hand stiching! Great for waiting rooms right? Hmm, if only Savannah would agree to it.


Johanna said...

I've been reading the updates on Savanah on your blog. I'm praying for her and for you! I've not had to experience one of my kids going through surgery, but the thought of it is aweful! Hopefully she will only need it once.

Meagan said...

Thanks for the prayers. It means a lot to me. Hopefully, with God's help, we will make it through this.

Kainoa said...

I don't kow much that is going on, but Ijust want you to know that I will be thinking of you and yor family and wishing you all the best and quick healing!

Meagan said...

Full story avaliable at:

Basically my two year old daughter was diagnosised with Glaucoma. The type that she has is found in 1 out of 25000 children under the age of five. The only way to deal with Glaucoma sucessfully is to undergo several eye surgeries. Without the surgery, Glaucoma leads to blindness.