18 October 2007

Bad Ideas

When you are in the grocery store do you ever look around in the produce section and wonder how it the world people got the bright idea to eat that!? I mean, some of the foods I've seen there are so imposing it would never occur to me to actually put that thing in my mouth and see if it tastes good. Take for example the artichoke. How hungry must someone have been to have actually picked an artichoke and tried it and then figured out that you have to cut it down to the "heart" in order for it to be even remotely edible, never mind the needles on the end of the leaves. I don't get it. Why am I asking these question you ask? Because I had the bright idea to try to add variety to our vegetable repertoire and tonight on the menu we have artichoke pasta salad, a recipe by my favorite T.V. cook, Alton Brown. The recipe calls for marinated artichokes. Having never had an artichoke in my hands before I asked around and learned that there are actual jars of marinated artichoke hearts and this is what I should use in my pasta salad. Well, I got lazy and sent Del to the grocery store instead of going myself. My mistake. Poor Del. He came home with one artichoke. It seems that you really need more like 4 or 5 artichokes to get a meal-sized amount of artichoke hearts. So I found a really good tutorial on how to trim an artichoke. Excellent pictures and clear directions. I am telling you though DO NOT TRY IT. It's ridiculous. It's not worth it. Just go buy a jar of marinated artichoke hearts and you'll save yourself a major headache. Here's one for the trash. Once again, I ask you, who thought up this bright idea of eating artichokes??? It's silly, I tell you.
My next bad idea was this...thing. I had originally thought that I'd make a roll up case for some scissors, thread, buttons and other sewing notions. It didn't work out too hot though. This is just my practice...thing. I am pretty sure this idea is one for the trash, also.


Johanna said...

Okay, that does look like a bad idea! I also did the "lets-add-more-veggies" thing and it lasted for a few months. Then I realized that there is a reason these new veggies are not that popular! Now we are back to the broccoli-carrot-corn-zucchini thing. At least my kids eat all of those!

Meagan said...

lol. You mean there are more veggies than green beans???? It is the only ones that we can serve in this house!!!!

Ummm, how do scissors role???

Jo said...

hence this head-long rush to the trash can. i can't come up with what it could be useful for. del thinks i should turn it so it hangs up. but if you look at the picture it more folded than rolled.

green beans are the bomb. we also consume corn, potatoes, broccoli, carrots and tomatoes.

Kainoa said...

You make me laugh Jo. I LOVE artichokes (i'm sure you're thinking YUCK!), my mom used to cut them down the middle, boil them and then pour melted butter over it and dip the leaves with mayo. Sounds fatting huh? It is, but call me crazy I love it! When buy them Derrek just looks at me like I am crazy! The marinated ones are good and nice and soft, not hard like I sure the one you ended up with. I give you credit for trying. What do you think about using the scissor case as a case to put knitting needles in?? That's just shooting from the hip as I have never even handled knitting needles in my LIFE! Good job though on your attempts, all we can do is try and then try try again.

Jo said...

you just cut it down the middle, eh? do you not eat the leaves? do you just suck the innards out of the leaf?

i've been mulling over a knitting needle case for a long time. marie showed me some very nice ones but they are so darned expensive. the thing i made is too small for knitting needles though. it's only good for...um...see??? i can't even come up with what it's for. i did have fun using my darning foot to free-motion quilt it though.

Jo said...

just so you know, i found the canned artichokes in the grocery store today. no, i did not purchase them. we'll see if that happens some time in the future.