19 October 2007

Ode To My Spoonula

I think I'll write a poem or tune
About a tool that's both spatula and spoon;
And when I think of it, it makes my heart swoon.
My beloved Spoonula.

Whether cooking or baking, it's the first thing I snatch;
For scraping or stirring, it's utility's unmatched.
I'd let you borrow it, but there's just one catch,
It's my beloved Spoonula.

The only thing better would be if I had two
'Cause if I lost this one I wouldn't know what to do.
One thing's for certain, I'd be very blue,
Without my beloved Spoonula.

Hmm, I think I'll go bake something.

*Thanks to my most wonderful husband Del for the poem.


Meagan said...

lol. You must be washing that spoonula a lot then.

Jo said...

actually, yes i do. teehee.

Johanna said...

I think you might need some more sleep! :) Or, after reading the fine print, maybe Del needs some more sleep! That cracks me up.

Listen up secret santa who has Jo - she wants a spoonula boquet!

Kainoa said...

That is SO FUNNY!! I laughed so hard! Good creativity on the poem! I feel the same way about my spoonula, it is always being used, in fact I have 6 of them cause I can't live without it! It's just the simple things in life right??!!

Kainoa said...

By the way, what did you end up baking, it looks yummy!

Jo said...

wow! six of them. neat. one day maybe i'll get another one. woohoo!