08 October 2007

Big Changes

It is Autumn. It's my favorite time of the year. Here in Florida, you notice almost an immediate change in temperature from stifling hot and humid to downright pleasant. The leaves don't change colors here until December or January. I miss the beautiful colors of the Rocky Mountains and the smell of freshness there. It snows there though and I only like to visit the snow, not shovel it every day. The winter here is fantastic. Cold enough to be cold but not so cold that you have to wear 10 layers of clothing and see the dingy color of days old snow out your window.

We are gearing up for big changes around here. Del is to go to Iraq for 90 days in January, when that happens we will give up this wretched apartment and head for Phoenix with my parents so we can be with my sister-in-law Kelly and my niece and nephew while my brother Gabriel is in Korea and Del is in Iraq. When he comes back we will either buy a house ourselves or with my parents, if their house has sold by then (please God, send a buyer). Big changes. Oh and Rachel is potty trained.
So, in anticipation of these changes I am going to get on the Christmas gifts; I don't know how long I'm going to have my sewing machine on hand. I resewed (is that a real word???) my nightgown. I worked very hard on it and its better than what it used to be. It fits a lot better than before but I think it's ugly. It's the fabric. I need a solid color and a more light-weight fabric. It's cozy though and that's all that counts. If it was just a skirt or a shirt I think the fabric would work better. I am feeling like a mad scientist trying to come up with a secret santa gift. Picture me rubbing my hands together with a sinister grin on my face. Hee hee hee.


Johanna said...

Okay, WOW, that is some big news and big changes! I'm sorry you're going to be without Del again...but it is good that you'll be with so much family! And it is good that there is a house in sight - I know you've been wanting that for a very long time!

Your nightgown looks much better than the original picture. Good work! How's the shirt coming along?

Without your machine while you're in Arizona? Are you going to survive? You know, I have two sisters-in-law living in Phoenix...wonder if I can arrange a visit there? :)

Johanna said...

Oh, yeah...it is so unfair that you have Rachel potty trained and Ethan, who is older still has now clue that he is about to go in his diaper! We have SO far to go still.

Meagan said...

Yeah I think it is the color of the material too. But since you'll be a single gal in jan it won't matter too much. No eyes will be perusing anyways.

So it's official huh? To Arizona you will be going? Well, I will miss you that is for sure. You and all those gorgeous girls of yours. Understandable though.

Meagan said...

Congrats on the potty training too. Savannah sat on it for the first time in a long time but only for curiosity sake. It lasted all of two seconds.... and was fully clothed at the time.

Tina said...

Can I second Johanna here.. you really stink that Rachel is potty trained already!

Jo said...

ok, first girls are easier to train than boys, or so i hear so there you go. and second...um...second...ummmm, my kid is cooler than yer kid? tee hee.

the shirt is stalled. i don't know how to fix it. and i don't like it enough to try very hard.