08 October 2007

Busy, Busy

So I have been largely silent here, but I have been busy crafting and taking care of sick family members. Now that everyone is well, I have time to show off what I have been doing. First of all, I made a purse for my niece for her birthday. Before anyone bothers to point it out to me that this is the same pattern I have used for everyone else I have made a purse for, I made it bigger this time! :) Okay, it is still the same other than that and completely lacks creativity...I'll need to work on that at some point. But creativity on my part or not, it is still cute!

I also made some patchwork cards from a tutorial on the Craft Apple Blog. These are for gifts too - a birthday gift for one sister in law and a thank you gift for another. I did some in a diagonal pattern and some in a horizontal pattern. I think I like the diagonal ones better - what do you think? I find these ones to be a bit pink (except for the blue one - I really like that one), but I was using some quilt squares I got on ebay to make them. These quilt squares are the best for projects like this because they are grouped in coordinating fabrics, washed, ironed, and cut when they come. It really cuts down on my work time! I got each of these sets bidding no more than $2.01 for a 40-50 square set. Shipping is usually only $1.75-2.00, which I find very reasonable to not have to find matching fabrics and do all the prep work myself!! I have some fall fabrics and some black and white fabrics to make some cards with too. I'll post those when I get them done.
Finally, I've been working on crocheting winter hats for a friend of mine who has three kids. I found some new patterns and I'm really proud of the boy's hat! See, this is where the creativity is coming in! I may still be using the same purse pattern, but my hats are getting much more creative. I still have one more to do, but I thought I'd show you the two I have done already.

Okay, I feel much better now that I have posted this stuff. I cannot wait so long before posting again! Hopefully I will be a bit more prompt next time!


Jo said...

WOW! everything looks fantastic! you are on it! i think the cards are so pretty. i do like the diagonal better. and the girls' hat is so fun!

Johanna said...

If you didn't live is such a warm place, I'd make one for Lily. Wouldn't her tiny head be so cute with all that fluff?

Meagan said...

Yes, but doesn't it get colder in Pheonix?

Meagan said...

He Johanna I like the cool bag. In fact I just bought some of that material yesterday for some more of my mystery projects. It is way cool!

If I didn't live in FL I would be super jealous of your hats. But alas I DO live in FL and not planning on moving anytime in the near future. Or visiting either... No snow this year. Yeah!!!

Gee, I really do like snow... just not driving in it. Sleddings pretty cool though.

Those cards are nice. Did you do a set for the gifts? They do look pretty girlie, but if it is for a girl it doesn't matter. I think it just cause you are used to the boyish colors!

Meagan said...

Hey Johanna-

Don't forget to reply to Elfster!!! We want you in the loop too for the secret Santas exchange.

Johanna said...

I can't reply to elfster because I haven't received an invitation!! I don't know what is going on - maybe one of you can try one more time to my johannamama77@yahoo.com address. If that doesn't work, we can use my regular address, I guess.