23 October 2007

Go Back?

ok, so the funniest thing just happened to me. i heard caleb making lots of noise right after i put him to bed. and i know some little girls like to make all kinds of excuses to not go to bed, but caleb has always gone down no problem. so i was wondering what he was doing. i peek in his room and have the following conversation:

me: whatchya doin?
caleb: singing
me: what're you singing?
caleb: round and round (and clapping, that's what the noise was)
me: oh! can i listen? (as i crawl in his bed)
caleb: yeah
me: ok, sing
caleb: round and round (these are the only three words he sings and then..) can you go back now?
me: go back?
caleb: yeah
me: you want me to leave?
caleb: yeah, leave me alone
me: oh... ok. good night


Joanna said...

don't you worry, when there's another little boy in that room with him, he'll be chatting up a storm just like some little girls do. besides, it's cute. don't you just love kids. they do and say the funniest things!

Kainoa said...

Oh my goodness that is the CUTEST! That just touches my heart! Kids say the cutest darn things. It's funny cause they are so adorable and such terrors all at the same time! God love them!

Caleb's Mom said...

i'm guessing you guys voted for ... ME!! thank you so much! i feel so good about myself that you think i'm the best.

anyway, i don't know if you ladies had already seen that there is a polling feature. i think it's kinda fun, but i couldn't think of a good question. also, kai, i changed your permissions, so now you should be able to do more stuff in the blog. i'm wondering if that is why you had trouble with adding your book. wait...did you have trouble? now i can't remember exactly. anyhoo...

Kainoa said...

Thank you Marie, I was wondering how to do that, now I was able to add the book I am reading! yes of course I voted for you, you are a GREAT knitter.

Johanna said...

I cracked up when I saw your poll! It seems like the deck was a bit stacked...hmmm...I guess it just saved us all from having the embarassment of not being able to honestly vote for ourselves over you! :)

I think that is too cute about Caleb too. My boys often sing or talk to themselves. When I come in, they stop. I have learned to just listen from out of their line of sight. I have a feeling that I'll learn lots of interesting things that way as the years go on. Oh, wait! Did I just admit to eavesdropping???