21 October 2007

The Longest Post Ever - Part One

I had to split this into two posts, cause blogger wasn't letting me upload more than 5 photos.

I've been pretty absent from the blog and there's a very long story behind it. But for everyone's sake, I'll try to be short. Here's the lowdown:

-I realized that being a working mom is tough. People judge and I need to to ignore that.
-I realized that people *really* don't like being audited and I need to be sensitive to that.
-Shane realized that he thinks it's time for another kid.
-I realized that I agree and I had better hurry up and finish the CPA exam. Things will easier once I don't have to worry about that. I am scheduled for the first part at the end of November.
-I felt overwhelmed with demands seemingly coming from every direction.
-I finally calmed down and stopped being so hysterical.

So, I've actually been doing stuff. Here's a theTortilla and Black Bean Pie that I made last weekend. Shane thought that it was "OK", but then "pretty good considering that it's healthy." I think next time, I will put chicken in it and more peppers.

This one is for Kainoa. Here is a pic of one of the balls I made from that book. It's hard to tell how big they will turn out, so I thought you'd like to see this.

With all the talk about the spoonula, I had to go get me one. Can you believe I've never had one? And Williams-Sonoma has so many pretty colors.

I used my new spoonula to make this:

I found this web site, that I just love. It's for vegans but the recipes are generally very healthy. I've found some interesting things. Including these Spicy Chickpeas. They were really easy and even Shane liked them.


Kainoa said...

Gosh, sounds like you have had and still do have, a lot on your plate. I hope things go smoother for you soon! Wow,another baby, good, then Caleb will have someone to play with! I love the ball and the Caleb holding it! Your's looks so big and I love it, it is nicely stuffed!

Kainoa said...

Forgot to tell you how yummy the food looks! I love chickpeas, were they really spicy?. I'm trying to get Derrek to try more vegatables, so maybe I can sneak these in sometime!

Marie said...

chickpeas are actually beans. they're aka garbanzo beans. that is what it says on the can and you get them in the canned bean section. but they are good for you, so i guess it would be just as well to eat them as a veggie for dinner. probably healthier than canned green beans or corn. i know that is all he eats cause that is what we ate growing up :)

Johanna said...

Hey, if you and Shane do go for another baby, maybe we can be pregnant together! We're pretty much ready too. Hope your CPA exam goes well!

I cannot say that I think the chickpeas look good because I cannot stand chickpeas in anything. But your spoonula looks very handsome preparing everything! My spoonula is starting to feel left out and neglected because I have never photographed it. I think I'll have to join it the "Ode to Spoonula" craze here at some point...