21 October 2007

The Longest Post Ever - Part Two

I forgot to mention the other reason I haven't been around much. It's busy season and I've been working 10 hours plus worked this saturday. So between working, trying to spend time with Caleb and studying for the CPA exam, there isn't much time to blog. Somehow, I am getting the hang of this time management thing though and have accomplishing quite a bit.

Here is the little cutie modeling the craziest pink scarf ever knitted. Joanna and Kainoa will probably remember this silly thing that I knit awhile back. What was I thinking? Anyway, in an effort to use up my stash, I thought this might make a decent scarf. It is cotton, so it's not the warmest material. But I have so much of it, I thought it might work.

I dare say it's turning out to be quite a success. It feels really nice, squishy and comfy. Also, a scarf doesn't need to be washed much so this will work out nicely since I read somewhere that this yarn doesn't hold up well to wear and tear. Here's a close up of the texture.

I tried this recipe for brussels sprouts. The only other way I've cooked them is with lots of butter and bacon. Not too healthy. This is much healthier and although the butter and bacon recipe tastes a little better, it isn't enough to justify ever making it again. But brussels sprouts are not the most popular veggie, so I usually end up eating it all. Shane "forgot" to eat some with dinner tonight. I guilted him into trying one but I'm not holding my breath until he eats another. I think they're pretty good though. It might be worth a try if you haven't already.


Kainoa said...

Love the scarf, it looks really warm, even though you said its not. I really like the colors, I don't remember the seeing the colors before, but I do like it a lot! Great job, see at least you can knit on your commute, instead of driving, otherwise when else would you have time to knit with your buy day!

Kainoa said...

I keep forgetting to say things! I LOVE brussel sprouts, maybe next time we see each other we can make them and eat them all for ourselves. Your lucky getting Shane to try it, Derrek would run away! :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy brussel sprouts, bacon ugh. Love the handsome cutie. What costume has he got for Halloween? Granny coco.

Jo said...

brussel sprouts, yuck! i like the scarf better than the shirt!

Johanna said...

I made some yummy brussel sprouts once with butter, red onions, and walnuts. I really liked them, but it was a chore to get the other members of my family to try. And all the butter somewhat negated any health benefit of the sprouts. But I aim to try again!

Love the scarf!