26 October 2007

Not Much to Say

So my life has just been characterized by pain recently. I ruptured an ovarian cyst Monday. This has happened to me 4 times before, but the last time was 13 years ago, so I kind of forgot what it felt like. So, needless to say, there were some times on Monday that I was freaking out thinking of all the aweful things that could have been causing such severe abdominal pain! I almost called my doctor, but already had an appointment scheduled with my OB on Tuesday, so I didn't. It worked out well because my OB knew right away what was going on. Anyway, during all of that, I noticed that my throat hurt a bit, but with all the other pain, I didn't think about it much. By Wednesday, my other pain was gone and suddenly I realized that my throat really hurt. I got out the flashlight and took a look...so I was back at the doctor yesterday with a throat infection. Along with that, my washing machine broke. I called yesterday to make an appointment to get the Maytag man out here - he is apparently busier than the ads would have us think because he cannot get out any sooner than next Tuesday! What are we supposed to wear until then??? When it rains, it pours!

I have actually been a little bit crafty through it all. I made some towels for one of my cousins who is getting married this weekend. The waiters are going to drape these over their arms when they serve the wine.

I also finished the third hat for my friend's children. If you remember, I posted about the other two here. This one gave me fits! I used this wool blend yarn that isn't the same gage throughout so my hat kept taking on strange shapes! Of course I wasn't using a pattern, and I had never worked with this kind of yarn before, so it was a bunch of trial and error. I bought the yarn because the little girl wanted pink and orange for her hat, and it is really so pretty with a beautiful pink - not too hot pink - and a deep orange. It also had green and I thought the colors blended beautifully. That should teach me that picking a yarn for the color is not always the best idea!

I also made some gifts for a friend who just had a baby. I finally figured out how I want to package my security blankies when I made this one. I also really like the camo print on the burp cloth - very "boy."


Joanna said...

wow! you're right, it's pouring over there. i'm sorry! but your stuff looks fantastic. and your mitered corners are perfectly pointy and sharp. great job. the hat looks cute even though it was difficult to make. i like it.

Meagan said...

Same here. Kuddos for you. You make me feel lazy for not doing more here lately but then again, It just isn't going to happen.

Johanna said...

Not lazy, Meagan! If one of my kids was having surgery - believe me! I wouldn't be doing anything but taking care of that child! I've been following on your blog and praying!

Kainoa said...

Sorry to hear you have been and in pain and still managing to make beautiful projects! I love the burp cloth especially the camo one! You do such a great job!

Tina said...

Wow! You are talented! Everything looks grea, and those towels are really a great idea :-)