28 October 2007

nothing crafty

Sorry I have not been on much lately. Been crazy around here. Kids keep passing around one cold after another and Jack (the baby) is cuttting his second tooth. SECOND!! He is only 4 months old! Poor guy. This one is driving us both nuts.
Anyway - we went to Wales this week and it was so beautiful. We can't wait to go back.
And - I have done almost nothing crafty at all lately. Forgot my knitting at a friends and so have gotten nothing done in that department, but am going to finish the-world's-dullest-scarf in the next few days if it kills me. I am really enjoying the knitting, just at this point a bit bored with the scarf, I wish I would have been brave and gotten something colorful. BUT, am really hoping to make it to the yarn store this week and get some new project materials. :-)
Wanted to say how you guys all rock and always have the neatest stuff posted on here :-)

Oh- this is taken at Beaumaris Castle on Anglesey Island in North Wales. Isn't it neat?


Johanna said...

How beautiful! I have always thought it would be fun to see Wales and more of the English countryside. I've done London and loved it. Jerry and I honeymooned there for a week and we've always wanted to go back. Hey, maybe I will take you up on the offer for your 2 year old - I'll get to go back to England to pick her up then have a girl to boot! :) Or maybe I'll just look at my pictures of England and make something girly to give to one of the many ladies I know who already have girls...

Joanna said...

lovely! i'm glad i get to see it vicariously. maybe one of these days we'll make it out there to see you. especially once gabe and kelly are there.

Kainoa said...

I think it is great that you live in another country and get to show your children all the beauty there! Looks like you have your hands full so don't worry about crafting, I don't even have kids and I cannot get my act together. Look forward to seeing the scarf! Glad to see you are back!