29 November 2007


I know it seems like I haven't been doing jack, but I really have. I have finished all the little artist cases (lucky me, Linda now charges for the pattern!), but I still have three little ones that I either need to purchase something for or dream up a gift I can make. Since all three of them live in Colorado I was thinking of making them a pair of mittens. I've tried twice to make them and both sets have been a complete failure. More research is required or I'll just have to give up and buy something. I've been visiting lots of crafty blogs lately. Write, Mama. Write put a post up the other day that I thought was really poignant. She also has a tutorial for the mittens I tried to make. I have committed to making four more stockings, one for each of my brother's family. Johanna has the cuffs right now, she's going to embroider the names on them. All that's left to do on them is quilt and sew them together, the piecing is all done. Those are what I am giving to Gabe (brother) and Kelly (SIL) for Christmas. I'm really happy with their gifts because Kelly really likes hand made items and that's what they are getting. Now that the little artist cases are finished I feel less stressed about Christmas.

On a less crafty note, Lily learned how to roll over this weekend. We are now in the stage of baby-rolls-over-gets-mad-about-it-so-you-roll-baby-back-over-she-rolls-right-back-over-and-gets-mad-again ALL DAY LONG. Time's a-flyin'.


Ravenhill said...

You have been so busy! What a nice pile of gifts. Feels pretty good to get those made?!
I also have a Lilly - just slightly different spelling. She is so beautiful.
Thank you for dropping by my blog and not only entering my drawing but also leaving another comment! I will be back to visit you again too!

Marie said...

Lily is so cute. She really is very smiley. That dress is adorable! Who ever picked that out has such good taste :)

I love your pile of artist books! There's just something I love so much about seeing a nice pile of loved items. Whenever I get home from a big shopping trip (which honestly I can't remember when that last happened) I love to take everything out of the bags and set them out to admire. I loved doing that with the couple of large orders I got from Close to My Heart. Anyway, the cases look fantastic!

Tina said...

Wow you have been busy!
Lily looks adorable :-) Love the dress, and just so you know- Jack just rolled for the first time yesterday .... and that wasn't even totally a full roll over, just enough that I think it counts, ha ha!
It is my fault, I hold him ALL the time.

Joanna said...

I know isn't it cute. She wore it to her baby dedication. I thought you'd appreciate that picture. I wrapped all the artist cases last night and so now the box for Tina and the box for Johanna are both completed and they will be mailed out tomorrow. Woohoo! On to more gift making.

Johanna said...

You've done a lot of work for Christmas stuff! I still have so much to do...

Lily is so adorable - you sure do a great job making cute kids!