30 November 2007

Free Rice

So this post has nothing to do whatsoever with crafting. Due to some personal stuff, I have done no crafting since I finished my coaster gift set - which by the way, was a hit! It was a style of exchange where you draw numbers and when your number comes you can choose a gift from the pile or steal someone else's gift. Once a gift is stolen twice it is frozen and cannot be stolen again. My gift was stolen twice quickly! That makes me feel nice.

Anyway, I came across this web site called Free Rice. It is an English vocabulary game. They show you a word and four options for what it means. For every time you choose the right option, you win 20 grains of rice to donate to people who are hungry around the world. The rice is paid for by advertisers on the site (they are not obnoxious pop-up's either) and then distributed through United Nations World Food Program. I have earned 360 grains of rice today. By itself it is not a lot, but 383,730,260 grains were donated yesterday! If people will play this game, that's a lot of rice that will be given to people with no food. So, for what it's worth, go see how good your vocabulary skills are!

1 comment:

Marie said...

some of those words are really difficult. i had to guess on quite a lot of them. i have to admit i was a bit skeptical, but after looking around, it looks legit.