30 November 2007

Speaking of Free

You can't believe how many crafty blogs out there are giving away free stuff! I mentioned yesterday that I had been browsing crafty blogs lately and I entered four giveaways. The first one ended today, but I didn't win anything. I can't believe how generous these guys are. The next one that ends is Ravenhill's. She lives in Norway! Neat, eh? She's giving away some Kimono fabric, a giveaway I'd love to win. She just started her blog a few months ago. Plus, she has a daughter named Lilly. I entered another one giving away an apron, and one giving away a bag of crafty-goodness. Check it out, if you have time.

1 comment:

Marie said...

that sounds like fun! we should do that when we regularly have people other than outselves reading the blog. i hope you win the kimono contest. i can't imagine anyone who would be happier to get it.