02 December 2007

For Kainoa

I though you might be interested to read this blog post by Craft Apple. Apparently she has problems with migraines also. She stopped drinking milk after reading an article that she linked to. I read it and it was interesting but it won't make me stop eating sour cream. But she mentioned in her blog post that when you have migraines a lot you get kinda desperate to try anything, so I thought you might want to try it out if you haven't already. Also, if you like soy milk and want to switch you should go to this website to get a $2.25 coupon off Silk soy milk. It's a really good coupon since a quart is usually less than that and so you can get it free. You have to type in your email address but they won't spam you unless you request it. Also, you can enter two email addresses to get two coupons, but after that they don't let you do it anymore. I've already printed out about 6 coupons.

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Kainoa said...

Thanks for the information on the migraines. I never thought about milk and hormones. I am also at te point where I am willing to try anything that may help with the migraines. It is such a debilitating pain to have to deal with. maybe when Iget my new glasses it will help on the eye strain and I wont have as many. I am always looking for new things to try. Thanks for thinking of me! I love her craft apple blog, she has a lot of talent!