24 November 2007

So Sad For You

I'm sorry. You poor, poor things. I went to this wonderful, fantastic, super inspiring store called the Paper Source. I looked up the locations and none of you have one nearby. You should all come visit me so we can go for a trip! I only spent 20 minutes looking around and didn't buy anything because it was a little overwhelming. There were so many fun things! So I want to just let it all sink in and I will go back after my exam next week. I'm taking December off (as far as studying goes) so I should have lots of (or at least some) time to do crafty things. I've been tossing around the idea of trying out some other types of crafts. I have been knitting lately, but I can't show it to you guys or tell you much about it since it is my secret santa gift.

There's also something I've been thinking about. I don't know if any of you are Martha Stewart fans, but I LOVE her. I never get to watch her show anymore since I started working, but I got to watch it the other day since I stayed home to study. Anyway, her mom recently passed away and she did a little tribute to her. I thought it was so interesting that many times when they were together in public people wanted Big Martha's autograph, not so much Little Martha. Everyone loves MS's mom and it seems to me that MS is where she is because of her mom's influence. Her mom taught her how to cook and do so many of the crafty things she excels at. They also mentioned during the show that Big Martha stayed home for 20 years, up until all her children left to go to college. Anyway, I just think it's interesting to think that you could be a such a success in life through your children making a success of their own. I mean I guess it all depends on how you define success, but to me, Big Martha did a great thing by being such a good mom. I feel like I'm not expressing my thoughts very well here. But it's just part of something brewing in me. About what it means to me to be a good mom and how I want to influence my kids.


Joanna said...

wow, paper source has everything, including book binding!!! i think that sounds really fun! paper is like fabric. i think they make more interesting paper than fabric and i often wish they'd make "that pattern on some fabric". why don't they do that? they have some totally cool paper!!! including JAPANESE PAPER!!! it's so not fair that i haven't been to japan yet. maybe one of these day, but next on my list is england so it's not looking too good for japan.

interesting that more people want martha stewarts mother's autograph than hers.

Marie said...

i want to go to england and japan too! maybe when we are all retired we can go on a craft trip once a year. wouldn't that be so much fun? we will have to go to new york too cause they have alot of craft stores up there that aren't anywhere else.

Johanna said...

You are right about Paper Source having everything. I think I would be completely overwhelmed in that store. The web site is overwhelming too!

It is really funny what you have said about the Martha Stewarts. I have thought about that too. I have a great-aunt that I once debated this with. Once, when I was in high school she asked me what I planned to do with my future. I told her that I was going to college, and I would probably teach for a while, but what I really wanted to do was be home with my kids. She thought it was such a waste of my brain and skills to stay home with kids. But I told her that I didn't see it that way. I get to invest 100% into the kids I have and give them much of my skill, knowledge, wisdom...and invest it in them. When I was teaching, I didn't get to invest in kids one on one like that more than maybe 10-15 minutes a year since I always had close to 90 students and there are only so many opportunities to truly invest in them individually. That seems to go right along with the MS senior thing too. It is good to see a true example of what I was thinking!