12 November 2007

Table Skirt, Finally...

So I finally finished the pillows and table skirt I have been making for my bedroom. I've taken before and after photos for you all! We have been totally redoing our room. We have added crown moulding, wood blinds, drapes, wall color (blue), new bedding, a new ceiling fan, the chairs and table, and 25 brown wooden frames. The frames have mirrors in them now, but I am planning to replace the majority of the mirrors with sepia pictures of my kids. Anyway, I cannot wait to show you the whole transformation, but I have run into some problems with the bedding so I have more pillows to make first.

Anyway, here is the before:And here is the after:
It makes the room look really inviting. I am enjoying having a place to sit and relax. I can do reading here and my morning quiet time. It sure beats the exercise machine that never got used that used to be in this spot!!

I am hoping to have lots to post in the next few weeks. We got new couches for our living room so I am making draperies and pillows now. I am so excited because we currently have couches that don't match anything. I tried the whole slipcover thing, but they are so frustrating! They never stay put and lets face it - fabric with two young boys is just a bad call! The couches will be delivered sometime in the next two weeks - I can hardly wait!

On a family note, we have been having major attitude problems with Aaron lately. Jerry has really been having trouble remaing patient with him. This morning was particularly bad, and when Jerry was home for lunch he was really frustrated. He told me, "I really don't know how you do this all day every day!" I told him that it was because it isn't always that way. There are moments of pure bliss. Shortly after that, I put Ethan down for his nap, finished school with Aaron, and then put Aaron down for his nap. This is the scene that greeted me when I opened the door to the boy's room.
If seeing a totally peaceful, sleeping child doesn't make you glad to be a mom, nothing will!


Joanna said...

aaahhhhh. i love to open the door to the girls' room and stare at them when they are at their calmest. so cute!

your room looks absoltely fantastic! i really like the brown. the fabric is really really beautiful. i can't wait to be able to do that stuff to my own room, too! great job!

Marie said...

that's so sweet!

i like the before and after pictures. i love the combo of blue and brown too.

Joanna said...

aaahhhhh! i keep scrolling down to see your pictures and he's so cute!!! i think these moments are God sent during those "times that try the soul", to quote anne shirley.

Kainoa said...

I absolutely LOVE the blue and brown! What a difference colo makes! You did an AWESOME job...yes said awesome!!!!