11 November 2007

What the Heck?

Sorry ladies, nothing crafty to report here. I just turned on Happy Feet for Caleb cause it was on HBO and what the heck kind of movie is that? Is it a cartoon for adults? I had no idea! So I quickly turned it off and put Veggie Tales in the DVD. So I was thinking that I need to be more careful what I let Caleb watch. What is that website that some of you go to to check out movies?


Joanna said...

see plugged in online.


we check every movie there!

Johanna said...

I also use plugged in. It is VERY thorough. They write about stuff that I wouldn't even notice if I hadn't read it first!

Marie said...

thank you!

Kainoa said...

I love Happy Feet, I cant remember if it is kid friendly or not. Shame on Disney!