15 December 2007

Let's Talk About Food

Winter, Christmas specifically, does something to me. It makes me want to bake and make yummy things and have the house smell like cinnamon and vanilla. Here are just a couple of things I've made recently that give me warm fuzzies.
Crepes. Real crepes. They are easy to make but take a lot of time, but it's so worth it in the end. You can warm up your favorite jam or preserve in the microwave, spread a bit on, roll it up and enjoy. Make it look festive and sprinkle some powdered sugar over them and top with fresh strawberries. Yummy! The link is to Alton Brown's recipe; I used Mark Bittman's from his cookbook How To Cook Everything.

Almond Biscotti. Oh, most yummy of yummy coffee goodness. These are actually very easy to make and way more worth the dollar you'll spend on all the ingredients for them combined, than the dollar or more you'll spend on one at the store.

Now, go, make some biscotti and coffee and snuggle under a blanket with a good book because I know the rest of you all are freezing your toes off.


Johanna said...

I almost made crepes the other day to. Of course, I was looking for something savory, not sweet. They do look really yummy too.

Johanna said...

I just looked at the recipe for the almond biscotti. Do you think those would work with splenda? They look so yummy and I really want to try them.

Kainoa said...

You make me want to bake now! Derrek got me a new baking cookbook and maybe I should try something from it! Your crepes look scrumptous! I used to eat those with a cream cheese filling and cherry pie filling on top! Rich but delicious!!!

Joanna said...

i most definitely think that splenda would work with the biscotti. the taste will be slightly different, maybe. just use more extract, but not too much or you'll throw off the recipe.

isn't cherry pie filling the best? i like to lick the can. mmmmmmm, yummy!