11 December 2007

Little Artist Case

So here is a look at the other Jo's take on the Little Artist Case. After Joanna showed me the tutorial Craft Apple used to have up on the web for this, I printed it off right away realizing what a great gift it would make. I am glad I did now that it is for sale and not for free! I made this one for my niece.

For my first one ever, I am pleased with the way it turned out, but there are some things I don't like. The ribbon closure and the flap on top of the crayons are things that Linda added to her new pattern, so of course I don't have instructions for these. I made the closure too loose and the flap too short...And I don't like that the word "wafers" is clearly visible through the front of the case from the cardboard piece from a box of vanilla wafers that I used in this! I guess you live and learn. Now I know that I need to adjust a few things before making this again. But I do think I'll make it again. It was easy and fast. I have crayons and paper for 3 more already, so if I think of someone (a child) I forgot to make a gift for, they are getting this. I am also going to try to adapt the pattern for an adult and making this with a small legal pad. A long time ago I posted about some red fabric that I bought and loved. I posed a question about what you all thought I should do with this fabric and my mom commented that I should make something for her out of it. I think it would make an excellent notepad cover!

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Joanna said...

yyeahhhhh! it looks fabulous! great job! i use a button closure. i take a 2x6 inch piece of fabric, sew it right sides together, turn it right side out, iron, make a button hole. easy as pie.