24 December 2007

Secret Santa Exchange

Today's the day! I have been so excited about learning who my secret santa was and what they would send. I kept checking the mail each day to see if any package came, and each day nothing came. I really began to worry in earnest on Saturday when no package came, but lo and behold! Today, here it is! When it was just around mail time and the doorbell rang, I ran like a small child to the door just knowing it was my secret santa gift! Thank you, Kainoa!

Inside the brown box was this coconut body butter and a wrapped package. Kainoa, you'll be happy to know that yours is wrapped better than the one I mailed. Marie still takes the cake, I think, but yours still beats mine! You at least added ribbon. Inside the wrapped package was this:

That's right, an entire collection of quilting fabrics. I have seen these in JoAnn. I have picked them up and looked at them - I'm pretty sure I never actually drooled, but I did want one. And now I have one! I am addicted to fat quarters. I usually pick up a couple when I am in the store imagining all the wonderful things I can make with them. My mind is going crazy with thinking of all the things I could make with this fabric. I am sure that I will take them out, unfold them, touch and trace the designs with my fingers, fold them back up, and put them away many times before I actually cut into one, but when I do cut, I'll let you all know what it is for!

Great job, Kainoa! I love it!


Joanna said...

woohoo! nice, i've seen those, too and liked them.

Kainoa said...

YEAH!!! I am SO glad you liked it! I am sorry it came so late...that is the true procrastinator in me! I can't wait to see what you make with it!!!

Kainoa said...

Now we are twins....Derrek got me one just like yours for Christmas!!!! I wonder what to make....I will have fun like you taking them all out and outting colors together and making something.