22 December 2007

The Twelve Days of Ornaments - Day Twelve

The last day. I feel more relaxed already.

Everyone needs a Christmas tree on their Christmas tree right? This one is so easy you don't even need to use the pattern she includes. I'm sorry about the bad picture, it's overcast today so the lighting stinks. Hope you have all enjoyed the ornaments and that you make some and post your picture or link to your blog in the comments so I can see them.

Off to SeaWorld. Have a fabulous Saturday!


Johanna said...

It must feel great to have these all up on the tree and to see the whole body of work together! I am proud of you for finishing it all.

Marie said...

Thanks for doing this series! You are such an inspiration!

Kainoa said...

Jo, that was SO much fun to log onto the blog each day and see your new ornaments! I truly enjoyed each and every one of them! Thanks for doing that and for all the ideas that we could do for next Christmas.

Ravenhill said...

You guys are amazing! What a treat to have so many hand made ornament tips! Thanks for all the inspiration. Glad to have met you all and I wish you a very creative and crafty new year!