07 January 2008

Brutal Honesty

So reading Joanna’s post about clutter, FlyLady, and shiny kitchen sinks made me think. The thing is, I totally related. I have twice the square footage of Joanna and two fewer people living in all that space and still my house is cluttered and things seem to never get done no matter how good my intentions. I had looked at FlyLady months ago and even put it in my Favorites on my internet browser. I thought the whole idea totally sucked fully intended to do it someday. Realizing that even with the extra space and the smaller family I was in the same boat was just the kick in the pants I needed. Last night, after my whole family was in bed, I seriously looked at her page and signed up. *Sigh* But, like a trooper, I shined my sink today.
Isn’t it so pretty? The true test will be if one of you randomly asks me to post a current picture of it in a week or two to see if it still looks so shiny!

I also thought I’d post my latest crafty venture. I made this headband with a bulk headband form and grossgrain ribbon. I think it is really pretty!

I also wanted to post this picture since some of you have ties to the Air Force. This is our family at the National Air Force Museum. The boys really had the best time seeing all the planes and various things on display there.

By Johanna


Joanna said...

ROFL!!! that is so funny! your sink is *fabulous*! and hey! i’ve been trying to make headbands, too. your looks FANTASTIC! wow! did you braid it? it looks GREAT! sorry to yell so much.

…look how tall aaron is. i didn’t realize he was so tall.

johanna said...

The headband is from a pattern by Little Cans of Beans. It is for sale on e-bay for $7: http://cgi.ebay.com/Original-WOVEN-HEADBAND-Instructions-Hairbow-Patterns_W0QQitemZ320203751122QQcmdZViewItem?IMSfp=TL080104143s5834

I made this one with my sister-in-law. She bought the pattern and has sold quite a lot of them for $5 each. I guess she made $80 just before Christmas doing it.

ravenhill said...

Cute headband and super cute family!

johanna said...

Thank you!!

tina said...

I like your shiny sink! I love waking up to a shiny sink, puts me in a good mood, hopefully it does the same for you! Can’t seem to bring myself to leave my shoes on all day though, that is one of flylady’s big things. Hate wearing shoes around the house!

Joanna said...

yeah, what’s with that? and she wants them to be lace up…i live in florida flylady, we wear flip-flops here!