01 February 2008


So I would like to invite Ms Leah to the group. She is a single gal from Titusville. She is a smart little cookie who works for NASA and has been a long time follower of the blog. She is also very crafty, mainly doing scrapbooking (of all the cool trips she takes.... like to South America) but has taken up knitting here lately and has a background in cross-stiching and hmmmm, I think there was something else in there, maybe it was cooking.

Okay, so she'll have very little left to introduce herself with if I keep going on about how wonderful she is... So is everyone okay with her joining????


Joanna said...

that's fine with me.

Tina said...

I think that sounds great.. I wanna see some cool scrapbooking ideas!! hee hee

Johanna said...

no problem here.