01 February 2008


So I am right there with you Johanna. I don't think I have done much of anything to report except try to keep my head about water here lately. Even things that I do start, seem to fall to the wayside with so much pulling me in all types of other directions.

I have been working on stuff, like the toy stroller seat that Savannah destroyed by sitting in it too much. I have it right now to the point of having the old one unsewn so I can use the pattern, but haven't gotten any further. Every time I go to start something it seems like Savannah takes that moment to need something from me.... Guess I just haven't got her as well trained as the McPherson household.... hehehe. Part of it though is her attention span isn't quite long enough for any activity on her own for the most part and anything new that mommy is doing always looks better than anything she thinks she can come up with. I can't wait till she gets to the pretend stage and it becomes more enticing then my stuff.

I have also been working on the messenger bag that I started what seems like ages ago. I have a basic pattern for it but I keep fiddling around with how I could add more pockets(for all those non essentials that we moms get stuck with from our kids like cool rocks, leaves or gulp, worse.), or change it just a little so that it would work better for me.... but I have to have a solid amount of time to work at it and again..... See above.

I don't mean to make it sound like a woe is me type thing, cause it really isn't. It is just a reality of life for a pregnant mom of a toddler. I can't get anything done after she goes to bed at night cause I am in bed by then too, and so then Saturdays if I get them to myself are spent trying to catch up on the other stuff that fell by the wayside during the week that couldn't be done when she was awake that I never seem to get to the fun stuff... well, most of the stuff I do with Savannah could be listed as fun.... I mean the fun grownup stuff that actually requires a train of thought or a solid block of time.

So the only thing that I have accomplished in my sewing room lately is a notebook cover. I should get pictures posted this weekend. Leah was the proud recepient and in case you haven't noticed I like to give the gifts away and then make the recepient take pictures and post them so you'll have to stay tuned to actually see the pictures.


Joanna said...

ya know, i didn't sew AT ALL when i had a two year old and i was pregnant. i didn't start sewing until they were 4 and 2 and i was pregnant with rachel. by then they were entertaining each other. i can see why you don't have time. savannah is your sole source of entertainment.

Johanna said...

Meagan, your life will totally change once your new baby is about 6 months old. Savanah will love entertaining and playing with the baby at that point and they will begin to occupy each other. And a few years after that, they'll hardly need you to entertain them at all!