29 February 2008

Crafty? Of Course.

I know you're probably going, "sheesh, does Joanna do anything but cook?" I know, it sure does seem like I slave in the kitchen all day long and sometimes I do, heck, sometimes I do that barefoot AND pregnant. Hahahahaha! OK, I think I may need a nap. But look, look what's on my sewing machine! Projects. Woohoo! Now hold your breath while you anxiously await the pictures of the final products.


Johanna said...

Yeah! Sewing!! I see St. Patrick's pants cut out. I totally copied you and bought fabric to make the boys St. Pattie's PJ's. We'll see if I actually make them now!

Marie said...

cool! crafts! can't wait to see what you're making!

on a barely related note, i read in a book or on a blog or somewhere recently a list of "fun" things to do with your kids. this lady felt like she was getting bogged down with all the disciplinary stuff and not really enjoying her kids and so asked all her friends to give her suggestions of how she could enjoy her kids more. my favorite was the suggestion to dye the milk and eggs green and turn all the furniture upside down the night before St. Patty's Day and then tell the kids that the leprechauns came during the night and did it.

Joanna said...

LOL! that's sort of what the plan is. the milk will be green, the eggs will be green and i'm going to paint shamrocks with icing on their toast. ella loves tradition and she's been talking about this all year long.