11 February 2008


Today I weeded and sowed the seeds to one of our flower gardens. We will see how many actual plants come up in a couple of weeks. I have never worked with seeds so tiny, some so small that if one didn't know better might have though that they were ground pepper. Being that small they were kinda hard to plant correctly too. I haven't done the second flower bed, cause we still have carrots out there from last season, and cause I am being a little lazy getting the rest of the beds up and going. We were in the middle of making the rest of the flower beds when we stopped for winter, so most aren't ready for planting. Well, except for the weeds that I never seem to be able to stop from being planted.

Also, I am tossing around the idea of buying some earth worms to put in the garden. I hear they can do wonders in making plants healthier and I am sure Mike wouldn't mind having a supply avaliable for fishing. But I also have to think of how to keep the other catapillars off the garden plants as they were responsible for eating all of last years garden plants. I hear spraying lime on the plants will rid the beans and so forth of them but I haven't looked into it enough.


Joanna said...

i hear ladybugs are a god thing to add to your garden. i'm jealous, i'd love to have a garden. i hope everything grows well and that you have a good harvest.

Tina said...

Oh Meagan, how neat! I can't wait to see how it turns out! We grew a lot of our own veggies when I was very young and I remember liking it (the growing, not the eating of them! ha ha)
You know, over here I have heard of a lot of people that have big pots and grow their own potatoes... we may try that this year.

Leah said...

that's so neat, having a garden. i really want to plant one this year, i just have no idea where to start. my mom gave me some tomato cages last weekend, so i will at least try to do tomatoes (which is funny, because i dont really like tomatoes, but i love making salsa, bruschetta, etc). good luck!

Johanna said...

Every year I decide to plant a garden. I love the idea of gardening. I love fresh produce. But I have tried twice - once in ground, and once in containers and both times I killed my plants. (or bugs did it for me!) I need someone who knows how to garden to teach me. The thing that kills me is that my dad kept a HUGE garden when I was a kid. (Do you remember it from my backyard at my house in Cedar Hill, Jo? It was a long time ago though!) He had all sorts of veggies, berries, and fruit trees. I asked him when I planted my first garden for help, but help never came...Someday I will garden!

Meagan said...

well, last year the only thing that made it through the full season was the carrots.... and it's funny but I am not a big veggie fan either. This year we just decided that we would try again.... and again next year... Eventually we will gain enough knowledge to actually eat something other than the carrots.

So I thought about doing tomoatoes too, can't remember if I bought the seeds for it or not. I have done a little research on it though and I hear you have to train the tomatoes by doing a good amount of pruning and stuff if you want a good harvest.

I see those ads in the Sunday newspaper this time of year and always wonder if they really are any good. You know the ones that claim with this tomato bush you can reap 100 # of tomatoes in just three months.... or whatever the claim really is. Mike thinks it is a hoax but for four bucks I am tempted to buy one just to see if they really do grow.

Joanna said...

no really, tomato plants are prolific with the fruit. if you take care of them and make sure to protect them from critters you'll have so many tomatoes you'll be giving them away to strangers on the street.