25 February 2008


We had the pressure check today. The good news is that we received these really cool hats. You know the hats that very generous people knit up and donate to the hospital for the people who need them.... usually you find them at the Chemotherapy wards or the nursery if they are small enough. Well, Savannah got a white one and I got a purple one. They are really cool and that comes from someone that hates hats. Go figure.

That unfortunately was the only good news of the day. The rest of the news is that the pressure in both eyes is back up some, though not as high as originally and there is no cloudiness of the corneas. The left eye only has the option of being treated with medicine eye drops at this point as a stent is an option that the docs don't want to do unless all medication options are exhausted. The right eye is still able to be operated on using the less invasive procedure again (it has only been done once so far) but since we have to do the eye drops for one eye, maybe the right eye will be controllable with the eye drops too and not have to do that surgery either. We will have to wait and see. We are scheduled to have another exam under anesthesia in a month.

Tomorrow I will post my pictures of the progress made on the little baby shoes. I unfortunatly think they are turning out bigger than I expected them too, but then I did use a 6-9 month pattern size cause I felt it was too hard to shrink the pattern... So maybe they will get to wear the shoes come fall... either way though they have to be done by Friday cause the baby shower is on Saturday morning.


Joanna said...

oh goody! i can't wait to see what the shoes look like.

so sorry about savannah's eyes. :(

Johanna said...

Those hats are great! Savanah really looks too cute in it. Really sorry to hear about her eyes though. I will be praying that the medication works well.

Looking forward to seeing the shoes!!

Marie said...

I'm so sorry about Savannah's eyes. It must be so painful for you to see her going through this. Will she have to put eye drops for the rest of her life? Has she gotten used to it? Or does she fight you when you have to put them in? It's nice that they gave you those hats! I still remember going through the basket of hats at the hospital when Caleb was born. There were some that were so so tiny, I laughed cause I thought how silly people are that they would make them way too small to be useful. But then the nurse pointed out that they are for preemies and they do fit nicely. That made me kinda sad.

Tina said...

I like the hats! :-) Purple is my favorite.
Hugs to Sacannah. And to you too! It is so hard to watch them go through something difficult.
I will keep her in my prayers.