30 March 2008

Forget the Birthday Cake, Gimme Some Pretzles

Two days ago I actually woke up reminding myself and two days ago I still forgot. Last weekend, I was there in her very presence and I still forgot. Happpy birthday, Meagan, I'm sorry I forgot.

Everyone is sick here. You should see the ick coming out of noses; it's gross. So we're staying in. Del got out a 3-D puzzle to do with the kids and they wanted a snack so I made these absolutely delicious soft pretzles! Can you say YUM-O?

I've made a list and I'm checking it twice. I am going to make in this order:

- 2 pairs of pajama pants each for Elena and Katherine
- samples for Marie
- a dress for Rachel
- a shirt for me
- a dress each for Ella and Sarah
- a skirt for me

*Can you tell the patterns at Joann's were 99 cents?

I am also considering making a pair of pajamas for my grandma for her birthday in April.


Marie said...

Happy birthday Meagan!

3-D puzzle? That sounds interesting. You should take a picture once they're done. I'd like to see what it looks like.

The pretzels look really good! And I bet they only cost about $50 to make versus the $2 per pretzel they charge at the mall.

The dresses, shirt and skirt are all cute! Only one hour for the skirt? Makes me (yet again) wish I could sew and save lots of money. I'll probably be more motivated if I have a girl because the patterns don't look too difficult and I could see how it would save a ton of money. I'd also have a great excuse to get a serger :)

Marie said...

ummm... i meant $0.50 for the pretzels, not $50. LOL!

Born Blonde said...

Oh my word! I had planned to pull a recipe for pretzels and make them with the kids this week. Must be divine intervention.

Oh by the way. I'm a lurker. Nice to meet you.:)

Joanna said...

nice to meet you, too! glad you de-lurked...if that's a real word.

Joanna said...

let's see...5 cups of flour, that's about 50 cents right there, yeast...maybe 10 cents, water...free, salt pennies, brown sugar 20 cents? i actually think that each pretzel cost maybe 5 cents each? i think i made about 22 of them with this recipe. incredibly cheap and incredibly delicious.

Tina said...

So, are ya gonna share the recipe???
And- Hello to ya Born Blonde

Joanna said...

clink on the link that says "absolutely delicious soft pretzels", i got it at foodnetwork.

Kainoa said...

The patterns are so cute for the girls and i love the top for you, that is a nice style. You do such a fast great job sewing!!!!!!!!!

Johanna said...

I'm always so amazed at what you turn out from your tiny kitchen! A true culinary master.

Marie, I was so confused and knew you must have made a mistake about the $50! How funny!

I cannot wait to see how all your sewing projects turn out. I have a huge list too. Lately, all my time on my machine has been for work - which is good, don't get me wrong - but I really want to do some more fun stuff!

Happy birthday, Meagan. Do you still love your birthdays? I have never grown tired of mine. I celebrate every year!

Kainoa said...

Happy Birthday Meagan!!!! Eat a lot of cake for all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meagan said...

That's the sad thing, we never celebrated my birthday worth one iota. See, it isn't just other people's birthdays I forget, but also my own. Silly me.