21 March 2008

A pleasant, non-crafty suprise

Well, I am thrilled. An order that I made online a few weeks ago showed up in the mail today. I had just about given up on the order ever arriving, and when it did it still was only about half the order, but even so it is such a blessing!!!!

Now, I am going to save you a picture of the said merchandise, simply cause if I took a picture of it I think blogger might have an issue with it anyways. Nothing really bad, just one of those womanly necessities called bras. Being not such an easy size to find and needing the specialty features found in maternity and nursing brands right now, I was finding it very hard to locate any good quality, well fitting ones locally. I even thought about trying to find patterns and modifying them so that they were nursing able or trying to modify regular bras. Then I stumbled across this site called Mother's Milk, and ordered a few. Two weeks later (maybe it wasn't quite two weeks but it sure seems like a long time when you desperately need them) I still didn't find the charge on the credit card, so I was sure that the order was never received and started looking for other website stores. Low and behold though, they showed up at my doorstep and for some reason every item in the package had been charged separately to the credit card. So that is why I hadn't found the charge. I had assumed that it would be one rather large charge for all the items, but they fooled me! Though I haven't washed any of the bras, I did try them on and it felt so much better than the two sizes too small pre-pregnancy ones. Ahhhhhh. Comfort.

Anyways, I am sure you didn't need to know all that info, I was just so ecstatic that I thought I would share anyways!


Joanna said...

ROTFL! that is hilarious. i'm so happy for you and your girls.

Johanna said...

Trust me, we all know the discomfort of a too small brazier! I am glad you are now in comfort! Oh, and thanks for sparing us the photo! :)

Tina said...

As an oddly sized-busty-nursing-mama myself, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. With every child I have had such a rough time finding good fitting nursing bras, and have always settled for something not-so-great, which leaves me ready to quit nursing long before I might normally. I found a great store here in England, got an actual fitting and gasped at my 'real' size right now. Although, they only sell soft cup at this particular store, it is nice having some bras that fit reasonably well.
Congrats on your bras!

Meagan said...

Yeah I looked into the site that you purchased from but was a little too hesitant about the traslation of pounds to dollars. Probably would have used them anyway though if I knew it would take so long from the other site!