30 May 2008

My latest Drool... and Frustration

So as I have posted before, I think it would be really cool to make some fake fruit and vegtables for my kids kitchen set. Well now I am drolling over these. They almost make me want to learn to knit.... or is it crochet? Note the alomost though.

I stumbled upon these trying to find sewing patterns for preemies, as I have come to learn that a friend of ours has been needing help finding preemie clothes for her triplets. Well, EVERYTHING that looks halfway decent for a preemie is knitted/crocheted. UGH!


Joanna said...

Oh those are so cute. I say they're knitted.

Johanna said...

Those are really cute. I say they're knitted, too. Marie could probably whip them up in a few hours!