31 May 2008

Crafty food

I thought I would do a search on Ravelry for some knitted/crochet food. (because I would much rather do that than, you know, take care of my family)
Here is what I came up with... (free stuff, anyway)
Here is a pattern for a cupcake.(knit)
Here is a pattern for a piece of pie.(knit)
Here is a pattern for an ice cream cone.(crochet)
Here is a pattern for hot cross buns. (knit)
Here is a pattern for some popcorn (crochet - pattern is down on the right side)
There is also a pattern for some sushi (knit) that looks really neat, but it is an Adobe file... I can email it to anyone who wants it...
There you go... that is JUST how bored I am today!


Joanna said...

LOL, that's awesome. Good work Tina.

Meagan said...

bored??? That is cool... more reason to learn how to do it... though none of the food wold probably look like what it was supposed to when I was done with it.